We carry out services of product and management system certification, testing, periodic inspections, industrial manufacturing surveillance, welder certification, welding procedure approvals, OHS measurements, grounding measurements, conformity assessments of sites, equipment-projects-devices on Seveso and Atex, certification on Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese standards, and Ndt inspections.


SZUTEST’s customers are the company’s reason for existence. Therefore, customer demands and needs are taken seriously, and dealt with in the shortest time possible. All processes related to customers are managed effectively, and customers are treated fairly and equally in a way to make them feel valued.



In line with our dream, our company has strived to succeed also out of our country since the very first day and has achieved great results. For years, we have been working in China, Russia and Bulgaria in our own offices and personnel, and through our representatives in South Korea, Ukraine and India.




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FR.MED.63 Medical Devices General Terms has been revised on 07.04.2017. Please click here for more detail.


Certificate Inquiry

It will be enough to write the first three letters of your company’s name and certificate number in the space beside it in order to inquire the certificate you have obtained from Szutest.


You can check the certificate in the scope of Szutest Personnel Certificaiton accreditiaon (EN ISO 17024) by entering the first 3 letters of the name displayed on the certificate and the certificate number.



Sertifika Sorgulama

Szutest’ten almış olduğunuz sertifikanızı sorgulamak için küçük harfler ile firma isminizin ilk üç harfini ve yanındaki alana da sertifika numaranızı yazmanız yeterlidir.


Szutest’ten almış olduğunuz EN ISO 17024 Personel Belgelendirme akreditasyonu kapsamındaki belgenizi isminizin ilk 3 harfini ve sertifika numaranızı girerek sorgulayabilirsiniz.




Запрос сертификата

Достаточно написать первые три буквы имени вашей компании и номер сертификата, чтобы узнать сертификат, который вы получили от Szutest.


Вы можете проверить сертификат в рамках лицензии Szutest Аккредитация персонала (EN ISO 17024), введя первые 3 буквы имени, отображаемого в сертификате и номер сертификата.



Заявка за Сертификат

Ще бъде достатъчно да напишете първите три букви от името на Вашата компания и номер на сертификат в в празното място до него, за да заявите за сертификата, който сте получили от Szutest.


Можете да проверите сертификата в обхвата на акредитацията за сертификация на персонала на Szutest (EN ISO 17024) като въведете първите три букви на името отразено на сертификата и номера на сертификата.